The Old Wykehamist Lodge

The Old Wykehamist Lodge is delighted to be hosting the Public Schools Lodges Council Festival on Saturday 26 May 2012 at Winchester College. Visit the Festival website for registration and information about the day.

The Old Wykehamist Lodge was formed after a meeting of its founders held at the Connaught Rooms, Great Queen Street on Friday 19th May 1911. It then became into being at its Consecration at Grand Lodge on the 20th October in the same year.

By its Bylaws it is “established primarily for the benefit of Past and Present Members of Winchester College. All such Members are eligible for admission as Members of the Lodge; but other persons who have rendered special service to, or are intimately associated with, the College, may, on recommendation of the Lodge Committee, also be proposed as Candidates for admission and admitted as such Members.”

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